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    The company was established in 1996 by then 25-year old Artur Taivere, who bought a small piece of land in the outskirts of Tartu, the second largest city in Estonia. On that land there was a very old barn that needed to be fixed up firstly. The official opening happened in 1997, when it started functioning as repair house for cars, car parts and tyre selling company. For few years the only workers of the company were father and son, soon other workforce was added.

   In 1999 a new house was built in addition to the old barn and instead of selling car parts the company took a target to start (firstly) fixing and monteering truck tyres, few years later also reselling truck tyres and wheels.

   For few years the well-known tyre selling company also tested construction work with its Caterpillar.

    In 2003 the old barn was completely torn down and by 2004 the new and modern building was established, with more space and better system to find the tyres/wheels.

    A huge leap in company happend, when a new high-tech administrating system was introduced- it helped to make the paper work much more efficient and keep better track of clients.

     AT Nobe introduced a public webshop for tyres, wheels and accesoris ment for cars, trucks and SUVs in 2008. Today this system is functioning already in 5 languages: English, Russian, Estonian German and Finnish.
      As you can see AT Nobe has been in constant development and has great experience in taking care for your tyres and wheels. The team consist of highly experienced specialists, who have been to several workshops organised by our partners Michelin, Bridgestone etc.

      The initials in the company name refer to the flexibility and quality that the owner himself stands for. The history also shows you that the decidions that have been made over time have been well analysed and have taken the company to where it is now.
       Did you know that:

  • The name AT Nobe stands for Artur Taivere Nobe (nimble, fast).

  • The company establisher, owner and working manager to this date is Artur Taivere.

  • All the buildings of AT Nobe have been built without the use of external employers or companies.

  • AT Nobe has never taken any loans from any bank (we havent even asked).

  • The team gets up to date trainings in different countries of the world (Italy, Hungary, Poland).

     Artur Taivere

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