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We offer wide range of  car tyres (summer and winter)  and wheels - alloy and steel, also truck tires,  winter tyres, repair and installation for 4-48 inch rims.

* Tyres - car tires (summer and winter)
    * Tyres - van tires 
    * Tyres - jeep tires
    * Tyres - truck tires
    * Tyres - tractor tires
    * Tyres - bike tires
    * Tyres - ATV tires
    * Tyres - rally tires

In our company servise rooms we are offering wide range of tyre services: tyre changes , repearing , regrooving , siping , hot repearing , balansing , seasonal holding , winter tyre spiking ( passanger , trucks and industrial ). Also we offer to our customers engine oil changing . From car repearing range
we offer: brakes control and change , lights control and change , bearings control and change ...

        If you have problem with tyres or wheels - visit us , we will try to help you !

  AT Nobe team


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