Big monty pricelist from 10.03.2022

Type of rimTubelessTubelessTubelessTubetype - with wip Loader, Forklift, Truck Tubetype - with wip Louder, Forklift, TruckTubeless traktor,
loader, forklift
Tubeless traktor,
loader, forklift
Rim size17,5"19,522,5">20" (less than 20")<20" (more than 20")>20" (less than 20")<20" (more than 20")any size tripper ...
Tyre off or on8,009,0010,0015,0020,0015,0020,00by agreement
Tyre off and on15,0016,0017,0028,0035,0028,0035,00by agreement
Wheel balansing12,0014,0016,00by agreementby agreement--------------------------by agreement
Lonely wheel from and back10,0011,0011,0012,00-25,0018,00-30,0012,00-25,0018,00-30,00by agreement
Double wheels from and back12,0014,0015,0015,00-20,00------------20,00-35,0030,00-50,00by agreement


Tyre repearing cost depends of “puncture disain”            from 15 euro
Festing and unfesting nuts in one wheel                             3-5 euro per wheel
Pumping truck, tracktor … tyre                                             3-5 euro per tire
Remove spare wheel from under the truck                         10-150 euro
Rim cleaning from rust: truck, tracktor …                           3-5 euro per rim
Valve change in tracktor and truck rims                              from 10 euro per rim
Tire hot repearing by vulcanization                                      from 30 euro
Tubes repearing cost is                                                            from 5 euro

Many other services by agreement: we see – we tell – you decide. Prices are with WAT.